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The staff here at WWW.SOUNDSNEW.COM like going out and we like music. See what we consider to be some of the more interesting gigs in South Wales, the West and occasionally beyond by clicking the month below or the year in panel to the left...


Feb 09 has Blue Mountain live in Germany..

Jan 09 has Jimi Alexander & The Satellites

2008 has no entries at the moment but will be updated over next few weeks...

Nov 07 contains Iron & Wine and Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit

Oct 07 contains Editors, Blind River Scare, James Walbourne, Young Knives, Clinic, Arcade Fire, Lone Pine and Dolly Varden

Sept 07 contains Ghost of A Dog & Morning Bride

Aug 07 contains Emma King & Jimi Alexander

Jul 07 contains Silent League, Blind River Scare and Lone Pine

June 07 contains Jon Langfords Men of Gwent, Give Me Memphis, Guto Dafis,  Jimi Alexander, Super Furry Animals, The Lost Patrol Band, Bedford Falls, Gethin Pearson & The Scenery plus Hot Burrito No 4 Review with Redlands Palomino & Alan Tyler,

May 07 contains Rod Thomas, Jimi Alexander & The Satellites, Maria Taylor; Boy Omega; Hot Burrito No 3 Review with Lone Pine

Apr 07 contains Hot Burrito No 2 Review with Treecreeper & Blind River Scare; Great Lake Swimmers, Lone Pine, Murder by Death, Jimi Alexander & The Satellites, Gutos Dafis, Bedford Falls & Mark Eitzel

Mar 07 contains Hot Burrito No 1 Review with Silver Spurs & Gethin Pearson

Feb 07 contains Redlands Palomino Co, Lone Pine, Long Winters, The Decemberists, Liam Frost and Bellowhead

Jan 07 contains Lone Pine and Jimi Alexander & The Satellites

Dec 06 contains Give Me Memphis at TJs

Oct 06 contains Lambchop, Patty Hurst Shifter, Lone Pine, Hugh Cornwell,  iLiKETRAiNS and The Early Years

Sept 06 contains Aberfeldy, Bosch, Halflight, Blind River Scare, One String Loose, Pigeon Detectives, Stewboss & Bill Mallonee

Jun 06 contains The Handsome Family, Blind River Scare, Cosmic Rough Riders, Wave Pictures, Jeremy Warmsley, Blind River Scare, Fionn Regan and Midlake

May 06 contains Deadstring Brothers, Christopher Rees, iLiKETRAiNS, NME TOUR - Howling Bells, Forward Russia, The Automatic, Boy Kill Boy, Blind River Scare, Ash & The Oak, Ox, Lone Pine, Redlands Palomino Co, Great Lake Swimmers, Gethin Pearson, The Long Winters & Centro-Matic & Jim Noir

Apr 06 contains Broken Family Band, Mogwai, Guillemots, Mistys Big Adventure, Grief Brothers and Blind River Scare

March 06 contains The Feeling, Secret Machines

Feb 06 has Ryan Adams, Shout Out Louds, Lone Pine, Neal Casal, Danny George Wilson, Bob Callum, & Blind River Scare

Jan 06 contains The Eighteenth Day of May & Robyn Hitchcock & The Minus 5 (featuring Peter Buck of REM)

Dec 05 has nothing as we were drunk!

Nov 05 contains Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Oct 05 contains Richmond Fontaine, Malcolm Middleton, The Believers, The Editors, Be Your Own Pet, Deadstring Brothers, Lone Pine, Bloc Party

Sept 05 contains Clem Snide

Aug 05 has nothing as we weren’t here

July 05 has Kings of Leon, Danny George Wilson, Blind River Scare, The Grief Brothers and Lone Pine

June 05 has Lone Pine and Mark Olson

May 05 includes Thirteen Senses, Arcade Fire, The Go-Betweens and Peter Brucknell

Apr 05 for The Kaiser Chiefs, Hugh Cornwell, Duals, We Are Scientists, Editors, Manics, Arlenes, Blind River Scare and Lone Pine

Mar 05 has Redlands Palomino Co, Lone Pine, Tanya Walker & Blind River Scare

Feb 05 includes The Silent League and Eastern Lane

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