Aug 07

Wednesday 1st August

Jimi Alexander & The Satellites, Emma King
Hot Burrito @ Le Pub, Newport.


It could have been just because they followed a brilliant set from Jimi, but we didn’t really get into Emma King. Female fronted pub rock is all well and good but it didn’t float our boats that night. Can’t win ‘em all I suppose...  

First time for Jimi & The Satellites at Le Pub and beginning with a storming version of Invisible Man, the band showed they really are on top form at the moment. Great tunes, fantastic playing and voices of broken angels, the energy was electrifying. Other highlights of the night included Hallelujah I’m Alive, A Dance Before We Leave and the very Ryan Adams, New York City Never Came. This band just get better every time we see them, make sure you do soon. Check out how Invisible Man went on the night here:

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