Feb 09

Friday 20th Feb

Blue Mountain
Panarama Museum,
Bad Frankenhausen, Germany


Unfortunately not touring the UK but our mate The Vicar in Germany was on hand to give us a report of one of our favourite Americana acts...

We arrived at 8:15pm and Blue Mountain were already in full flow. When the Germans say 8 o'clock start they mean 8. The first gig of their German tour was a small venue with an audience of about 200 people. Most the punters seemed to be middle-aged local inhabitants with no previous knowledge of the class act which was performing. Blue mountain played songs from their new album "Midnight in Mississippi", a selection from their excellent back catalogue and a couple of covers. Rock, blues and alt-country call it what you like they were top performers. They split their set into 2 hour sessions with a nice 30 minute break for us to fill our glasses with pilsner. A large group of middle-aged women began dancing towards the end of the set. When the band sprang into cover a Johnny Cash cover and The Faces "I wish I knew what I know now when I was younger" a nasty scene of Dad dancing broke out. Highlight of the gig was a stonking "Midnight in Mississippi" with the Bad Frankhausen ladies shaking their rather ample bottoms in a frenzy. When the gig was over, Cary and Lori chatted with the audience and signed albums. Just before leaving we shook hands with the band and they thanked us for coming. I wish all gigs were like this one.

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