Feb 05

Friday 25th February

The Silent League
Barfly, Cardiff


Possibly the biggest band to grace the tiny Barfly stage, I think I counted 9 black suited men at one point. Touring their album The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused, the band seemed beset with technical problems from the minute they hit the stage - no doubt not helped by so much equipment being so close together. The songs that managed to break through the feedback showed that these players were no ordinary Joe’s. I only found out after the show that the Singer/Keyboard player was from Mercury Rev. File under interesting 

Friday 18th February

Eastern Lane
Barfly, Cardiff


Hailing from the wilds of Scotland but looking and sounding more like they were from NYC in 1976, these boys played their choppy guitar tunes to a packed Barfly. Promoting their Rough Trade album The Article energetic frontman Derek reminding some old timers of Tom Verlaines Television and early Talking Heads. Most of the crowd seemed to know Feed Your Addiction, which in my case was Brains Dark that night. 

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