Sept 06

Saturday 30th Sept

Stewboss, Bill Mallonee
The Chattery, Swansea.


With his young new wife accompanying him on vocals, Bill gave his honest and earnest take on singer/songwriter acoustic country/folk. He was much loved but his constant references to the Lord above and saving people from Satan bored this evil cynical old sinner after 3 songs.

Then came the mighty Stewboss. Starting quietly with a few acoustic numbers, the US four-piece slowly built up to a rocking-country set which lifted the sold-out Saturday night crowd out of their seats. Faultless and effortless, the highlight had to be Counting to 7 at Your Old Barstool from the Sweet Lullaby CD. Class.


Monday 25th Sept

Half-Light, Blind River Scare
Meze Lounge, Newport.


With a number of gigs in recent weeks the Blind River Scare are getting a tighter act every time we see them. On a miserable Monday night a reasonable crowd watched to see new singer Lisa fully settled into the line-up. New song That’s The Way The Story Goes was immediately one of the highlights of the set.   Visit: 


Half-Light seem to be part of a new trend of female fronted Welsh Indie Bands (such as Hot Puppies) who are taking the local scene by storm. Vocalist Sarah Howells has a brilliant voice which suited the initial solo acoustic numbers as much as the rockier songs. Not quite as hard edged as PJ Harvey but in that vein and definitely worth checking out. Try their myspace page:.  

Sunday 24th Sept

Bosch, One String Loose
TJs, Newport.


One String Loose are 4 lads hardly out of short trousers who can play Irish music in the style of the Pogues better than most bands twice their age. They may be instrumentals, but with instruments being swapped around and a wild pace kept up throughout the interest was maintained and the large TJs crowd loved them and danced from start to end.


Do not attempt  this in a  guitar shop!


Then came Bosch.. needless to say this art and music collective didn’t seem to have a lot of people dancing despite valiant effort of 2 drummers keeping the beat to a variety of on-stage antics which ranged from rubbing a Fender Strat up and down a scaffolding pole, hitting various instruments with a bar stool until it smashed and a Wolf in a duffle coat wandering on to dance on the stage. Part circus act burlesque, part performance art, part noise, its not clear what statement Bosch are trying to make, if indeed they are at all. Fans of Gong, traveling shows and power tools in general may want to investigate...     


101 uses for a bar stool: No 39

What’s the time Mr Wolf?!

Monday 18th Sept

The Pigeon Detectives
Barfly, Cardiff.


Getting on the guest list through a friend of a friend we were unsure if the hype surrounding the Leeds based “soon to be big” Pigeon Detectives was justified. Having bought the highly rated (and now incredibly rare) first single I’m Not Sorry and been impressed, the live performance certainly lived up to all that has been said..

Despite Barfly being barely half full on a Monday night, front man Matt threw himself into the gig jumping around the tiny stage with abandon, showering everyone with water and swinging from the rafters, smashing his head onto a steel girder. Musically, the band are a tight unit playing catchy guitar-pop with Killer(s) choruses (pun intended).

Easily rivaling neighbours the Kaiser Chiefs and with the stage swagger of The Strokes and a singer that is demented as Iggy Pop, this lot have got the most potential we have seen in many years. Look out for new single You Know I Love You on the uber-cool Dance to the Radio label (alongside Forward Russia and iLiKETRAiNS). You could be making more than just a good investment in music if you pick up one of the limited vinyl copies...    

Sunday 10th Sept

Barfly, Cardiff.


First visit to Cardiff sees Scotland’s Abefeldy in top form. Don’t be fooled that they look like a bunch of students who raided a local charity shop, these guys are very talented musicians and their quirky folk-tinged indie-pop is refreshingly original.

Signed to Rough Trade, the band are promoting second album Whatever Turns You On but find time to play a few from the classic debut Young Forever.

Lead singer Murray is as whacky as they come (which he tells us is due to the backy). Amusing banter between the songs tells us anecdotes of life supporting James Blunt and what they get up to in hotel rooms (watch rubbish 80s rock videos)...

The girls in the group (Ruth and Sarah) add a gentler edge to Murray’s vocal as well as playing everything from keyboards and fiddle to banjo. Top songs tonight include Vegetarian Restaurant, Love is an Arrow and latest single, Hypnotised.

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