Sept 07

Wednesday 3rd September

Morning Bride, Ghost of A Dog
Hot Burrito @ Le Pub, Newport.

Hailing from Monmouth, Ghost of A Dog are a female fronted Americana influenced six piece. Lead vocals and occasional Ukelele played with gusto by the charismatic Tamzin (a country Kate Bush if ever there was one), help the songs stand above the norm that could easily be the case with accomplished musicians that they obviously are. Lots of influence of classic Country-rock throughout their songs was underlined by their Lone Justice cover. Have a look at their MySpace site for more info:


Down from London for the gig, Morning Bride looked an odd bunch at first sight. Lead female singer in mod dress, shaven head bassist in goth-black, Jazz guitarist in suit and the drummer in Mid-West cowboy attire! When the music started it was as if Broadcast or Stereolab had moved into the country with tinny organ and sweet vocals. Each song seemed totally different to the last, varying from acoustic to country to pop and back again. The inclusion of Accordian for the last few numbers made the mix even more eclectic. Interesting and highly recommended. Have a look at how Mother Hackney sounded on the night:

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