Sept 06



Jon Langford - Gold Brick (Roir)
Newport’s favourite US exile returns with a blinding collection of mid-life pondering songs. Never one to lose touch with his roots, Jonboy name-checks his home town in the form of the Gaer, the river flowing backwards and buildings changing their names in Invisible Man. Ranting against consumerism in Buy It Now and the direction of the US in Lost in America.  Backed throughout the set by a superb bunch of musicians, Workingman’s Palace is possibly one his finest songs for years. Like a fine wine, Jon Langford just gets better with age.  



Pernice Brothers - Live A Little (One Little Indian)
Joe Pernice’s latest outing fails to deviate from their well trod path of clever country influenced pop. Ever edging their way towards the territory normally occupied by The Shins, some excellent new tunes (Cruelty to Animals and Conscience Clean especially) and some that have been around a while (ie Grudge F***). Worth getting in early for a free demo CD signed by the great man himself... 


The Hot Puppies - Under A Crooked Moon (Fierce Panda)
Formed in Abersytwyth and now living in Cardiff, the Hot Puppies first full length album pulls together a number of their previous singles and classics they all are too! Green Eyeliner, Drowning Nymph, Terry and The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful are all here. If they had gone to London they would be getting as much fame and recognition as the Long Blondes who make similar girl vocal indie-pop, but of course this is Wales boyo.... 

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