Oct 06



Jeremy Warmsley- The Art of Fiction (Transgressive)
This CD basically compiles all of half French/half English Jeremy’s long deleted EPs and singles into one convenient package. Although some of the lyrics may be a little sixth form at times, there are some great ideas and really good tunes in here. Jeremy plays all the instruments himself in addition to vocals. Highlights include Dirty Blue Jeans, 5 Verses, Modern Children and I Believe in the Way you Move.



Easy Star All*Stars - Radiodread (Easy Star)
Following 2002’s cover of the entire Pink Floyd epic Dark Side of the Moon, the reggae collective take on Radiohead’s masterpiece OK Computer. Once again the quality of the musicians involved pull off an interesting and inventive take on the original, making it their own. The quality of the songs comes to life with the different beats and rhythms the band add to the Tom Yorke and Co’s guitar led opus, the female vocal on Paranoid Android really fits and the shuffling, choppy reggae guitar on Airbag gives it a new lease of life. This could  raise a smile on even the dourest of indie kids faces!


Paul Burch - East to West (Bloodshot)
Sometime Lambchop member and backing guitarist to Laura Cantrell is now on his fourth solo record. His distinctive Nashville voice could be from the 1950s at the Grand Ol Oprey but the songs are much  more modern and at time laid back. Paul moves in famous circles these days and has Mark Knopfler (a big fan apparently) helping out on a few tracks. The song John Peel is Paul’s personal tribute to the late, great DJ and the lyrics tell how John supported him with his early solo career.

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