Nov 06



Tunng - Comments of the Inner Chorus (Static Caravan)
The second CD from the weird New-Folk/electronica band Tunng is an intriguing collection of acoustic tunes interspersed with  electronic blips, pops and crackles. On the first track Hanged I thought my CD player was on the blink! If you can imagine of King Creasote backed with Stereolab on keyboards you get the idea. Stand out tracks are Jenny Again, Because We’ve Got Hair and Woodcat but its all very listenable in an odd way...



Victorian English Gentlemans Club - Victorian English Gentlemen (Fantastic Plastic)
Full length album from Cardiff’s sub-gothic trio begins with their first single Herman Mark and takes in their other two singles Ban the Gin and Impossible Sightings Over Shelton (including B Sides). Newer tracks Stupid As Wood and Cannonball use the same heavy Bass driven, shouty approach as the other tracks and its all over in just over 30 minutes. Bauhaus they may not be but as a cut-price Welsh version of The Pixies, they are value for money.


Aberfeldy - Do Whatever Turns You On (Rough Trade)
Scots Aberfeldy return with their second album. Following last years classic Young Forever was never going to be an easy task, but the 5 piece have put together an enjoyable set of well crafted pop songs. While they lack a certain charm and innocence of the first albums songs (such as Vegetarian Restautrant) the new tracks Someone Like You, single Hypnotised and the title track are all good stuff. When we saw them live in September they were enthralling and chaotic in equal measure, lead singer Riley’s rambling were worth the entrance fee alone!.  


Sadies - In Concert Volume One - (Yep Rock)
The Sadies first live album is a double CD crammed with 41 surf-tastic tunes and featuring just about everyone they have ever studio sessioned, backed live or carried a guitar flight case for! The list of collaborators runs to Neko Case, Kelly Hogan, Jon Langford, Gary Louris, Jon Spencer among many others. Taking a sample of songs from throughout their career plus covers of Jayhawks and the Mekons tracks make this an essential purchase for the demented Hank Marvin fan in your life.  

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