May 06



Jeremy Warmsley  - Other Peoples Secrets 10” EP (Transgressive)
Despite possibly having the most un-rock and roll name in the world, Jeremy’s debut EP is packed with five songs each evoking kitchen dramas. Its fitting that each side of the disc is named as “Acts” rather than “Sides” and the tracks are sequenced together like a play. First tune Dirty Blue Jeans seems to feature a string quartet and is one of the most stunning songs I’ve heard all year. Modern Children pays homage to the youth of today while I Knew Her Face Was a Lie is a twisted piano-based love song The Gullemots would love to have written. Maybe being half-French has influenced his style but he seems to pack more lyrics into each tune that most bands get onto an album! Pah! The Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner a lyrical champion? Jeremy could give him a run for his money! Buy one before Ebay is the only place you can get it! Pure Class.



Larrikin Love  - Ed Would (Infectious)
This sounds like a jolly upbeat Babyshambles. Maybe this is what Pete Docherty would sound like if he took Cherry Coke instead of all those nasty drugs?! Lyrics like “I’m Edward,  I’ve never been Edward Woodwood” is hardly going to win the next Novello award. One for the kids.


Sonic Youth  - Eye Liner (Sonic Records)
Self released as a limted 7” this sees the Sonic Youth go back to their roots as its reminiscent of their early grungy record EVOL. I’d honestly forgotten how loud they were. Its quite angry and dirty with Thurston telling us its “Punk Rock sex without the hang ups”. Time for you to have some herbal tea and a nice sit down if you ask me Mr Moore!


Yes Boss  - Get Dropped Quick (Dance to the Radio)
Imagine if Mike Skinner of The Streets had come from further up North rather than Brum with a fake cockney accent and you get what this is like. Apparently its called “Grime” which is basically white indie rappers doing their version of hip-hop. Quite good lyrics on this one telling Indie bands to get a proper job rather than try to get a record contract - good advice, maybe they are really Career Advice Officers?!.

Polytechnic  - Won’t You come Around (Transgressive)
This very indie guitar band sound like Stereolab if they were heard through a cheap radio. Fuzzy and rushed. OK but can’t see what the fuss is about to be honest. There’s a band like this in every town.

Howling Bells  - Blessed Nights (Bella Union)
Got this from the band and had it signed when they played the NME gig in Cardiff. Bloody pop stars, the record had a big scratch along it! Pleasant enough mid-paced strum-a-long with nice guitar hook. Watch as all the young boys swoon at pretty lead singer Juanita’s every move.  

Stuart Staples  - That Leaving Feeling (Beggars Banguet)
Latest solo outing from The Tindersticks frontman follows on from last years lo-fi Lucky Dog Recordings with a  song that sounds more like The Tindersticks than their own last album Waiting for the Moon did! Accompanied by Lhasa de Sela, with brass, lush strings and keyboards although it is similar to Travelling Light its a really good song and bodes well for the album. Excellent stuff.

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