Mar 07



The Decemberists - O Valencia! (Rough Trade)
Standout track for a single from the superb Crane Wife album O Valencia is a heady mix of the pop sensibilities of XTC and Squeeze with the twisted acoustic approach of Arcade Fire. A proper pop song with a sing-a-long chorus “on your window, window...” who could resist. Sheer genius.



Pigeon Detectives - Romantic Type (Dance to the Radio)
Had a soft spot for this lot since they put us the guest list at Barfly for their energetic gig last year. Now being touted by the Kaiser Chiefs as the UKs best unknown band it can’t be long before they make it. This is another excellent British 3 minute pop song like Buzzcocks used to put out and the Killers have failed to do for some time... This will be playing at every student indie disco this year.


Human Knives - Voices of Buttons & Knobs (Transgressive)
This is a strange one! Electro-pop versions of Young Knives songs but sung by a computer generated female voice! Its so naff, its sort of good!. The version of She’s Attracted To sounds like Stephen Hawkins on helium fronting the Pet Shop Boys!

Catweasels - This is Just The Night Andy (Longest Mile)
This starts promising with some nice orchestral strings being plucked before heading 1-2-3-4 into a fuzzy guitar noise. The label is run by the singer from The Futureheads so its no great surprise to find they sound like a second-rate version of his band. Disappointing.

Joe Meek - Vampires, Cowboys & Spooks (Castle)
Considering that these 4 songs are over 45 years old they sound a lot fresher than half the singles in this months pile. Its amazing to think of the magic the tragic Meek managed to make using such primitive equipment. The Tornadoes track sounds a bit like a twisted Telstar while the Moontrekkers twanged their way into the outer limits.


Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat (Full Time Hobby)
Self confessed miserabilist and former Arab Strap guitarist previews his third album with this upbeat song of loneliness. Even the guitars sounds Scottish on this one with that trademark bagpipe whine that Big Country used to have. Don’t let that put you off though, its a cracker.- ”now you’ve gone, there’s nothing here, except for a tenner and fridge full of beer” Sometimes he’s so close to reality for most people it hurts too much...


Grinderman - No Pussy Blues (Mute)
Nick Cave’s latest pseudonym sees him complaining about a lack of feline company. Thought it had been done by Catatonia years ago with Lost Cat??!! A very noisy and shouty track it is too. It may be time he started back on the drink and drugs again to calm down a little bit or he’s going to make himself ill!

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