Mar 06


Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (Anti)
This must be Neko’s 5th album not counting her Corn Sisters and New Pornographers collaborations and it is definitely one of her best. Backed by Howe Gelb, The Sadies and Calexico she is hardly without an impressive supporting cast not forgetting the underrated Kelly Hogan on backing vocals. The songs are short, sharp, strong and play to Neko strengths as a country singer giving the female perspective on life with her own distinctive, sung from the heart style. Contender for Americana album of the year. I defy you to dislike this if you are human.  



The Concretes - In Colour (EMI)
The second album from the poppy Swedes is well if not a tad over-produced by Bright Eyes Mike Mogis. Husky female vocalist Victoria Bergsman takes the lead on most of this collection of well crafted songs which includes nice duet with Romeo of the Magic Numbers. More polished and musically accomplished than their previous eponymous titled album, but lacking a killer track ala the latters Seems Fine. The booklet includes the sheet music, words and chords for each song, which makes for a nice package. Pleasant summer time music.


Various - Dance To The Radio (Dance To The Radio Records)
An excellent introduction to rising Leeds based label Dance To The Radio run by the Forward Russia guitarist. With 22 tracks its worth the price of entry to the hear the song Two by the the main mans group and the rather wonderful iLikeTrains track The Beeching Report which was so good I went a bought a vinyl copy on EBay for more than the price of this CD after playing it! Cant wait for the follow up compilation The Best Government Legislation In The World....Ever!!!! Imagine David Bowie in 1974 meeting the unborn Arcade Fire fed up at no train service and you get the mood of the track (pun intended!). Only a UK band could do it and its bizarre but amazing! Other worthwhile songs by The Pigeon Detectives, The Lodger and Kubickeck show that Indies not dead, its alive and well and living in Leeds!

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