June 06



iLiKETRAiNS  - Terra Nova (Fierce Panda)
Really enjoyed this lot at Barfly last month (see: Review ) and this tale of Scott’s final and tragic expedition is a classic slice of slow-building, simmering, indie guitar rock. Imagine Ian Curtis fronting Mogwai in one of their lighter moments and you get the picture. Atmospheric, intriguing, moody and educational too! B-Side Fram is a similar tale of the more successful Polar trek. This limited run of 1000 numbered 7” sold out on pre-order so snap one up if you are lucky to see any.



Hope of the States - Sing It Out (Columbia)
One of the more poppy records by six piece HOTS who have something of a fanatical following. Reminds me of a rocky Echo & The Bunnymen, which is no bad thing, Issued as two 7” singles and a CD for all you completists out there.


The Boyfriends - Adult Acne (Boobytrap)
Second single on Cardiffs Boobytrap label for this London four piece. Having been on tour supporting Morrissey they seem to have now taken on his guise and reappeared as a Smiths tribute act complete with Johnny Marr-esque guitar and lyrical hooks of  “All I want is someone nice, to smother me in their embrace” Get the gladioli and NHS specs out its 1983 again!

The Eighteenth Day of May - Hide & Seek (Transistor)
Third single to be lifted from their eponymous album, TEDOMs alt-folk Hide Plus Seek is a foot-tapper that should be being played at barn dances up and down the country this summer. They were excellent live back in January (see: Review) and would be perfect with a pint of Real Ale in a rural pub. Dream on...

The Editors - Blood (Kitchenware)
We liked The Editors when we saw them at Barfly 18 months ago and made the Back Room album of the month last July but why is this the 87th single released from an eleven track record???!!!! It even includes a rubbish cover version of REMs Orange Crush and a pointless Oakenfold remix of Camera shows how desperate this release is. New material please boys, this horse is well and truly flogged to death!

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