July 07



Alberta Cross - The Thief & The Heartbreaker (Fiction)
Took a while to realise this band were from London.. The album is a perfect piece of Americana not a million miles away from early My Morning Jacket but without any filler that tends to clog up their CDs. Every track on here is worth the price of admission alone. You heard it here first.



Editors - An End Has A Start (Kitchenware)
The difficult second album proves to be anything but that for The Editors. This is a confident and catchy set that carries onwards and upwards from debut The Back Room. We saw them on their first ever tour in early 05 and said they could fill stadiums with their sound and this proves that they are more than capable of doing that now.


Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger (Lost Highway)
At last Ryan cleans up his act and puts together a cohesive set of songs in the vein of his first two or three and lacking the padding of the 3 albums he put out in 2005. Some cracking songs from the Country Goodnight Rose to the pop-rock of Oh My God, Whatever. Back on form at last it seems he could actually be a live proposition again? Unfortunately, we’re not prepared to spend 25 when he comes to Cardiff to find out due to past experiences...!  


Air Traffic - Fractured Life (EMI)
An upbeat Coldplay anyone??! Air Traffic have released three great singles in the past 12 months and they are all here including B Sides, in fact there isn’t much else... That aside the songs are strong and very British pop. If they can mature a little more and avoid the pretentious elemnts that creep into some of the tunes, they could knock Chris Martin and Co off their mantle.

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