July 05



The Editors - The Back Room (Kitchenware 2)
We saw these boys twice earlier this year and they just got better and better. Included here are the blistering singles Bullets, Munich and Blood. The album is dark and peppered with some really clever guitar hooks at times sounding Boy-era U2. Comparisons with the Bunnymen, Interpol and Joy Division are inevtiable, but there is something else going on in here which drags you in. Tracks such as Sparks and live set opener Someone Says show how cleverly these song have been put together. Get in early for a free EP of the B-Sides to the first 3 singles. Debut album of the year so far.



Danny George Wilson - The Old Mad Mile (Fargo)
Grand Drive front man Danny’s first solo outing is a more folky affair than the British Americana style we have come to expect from the main band. Ably assisted by Willard Grant Conspiracy henchman Simon Aplin and female vocals from American Jess Klein add a nice edge to the mellow sounds. Danny’s songwriting is as solid as ever with tales of change in The Bellringer, not belonging with Somewhere Else Instead and growing up in The Famous Mad Mile. Well crafted for those of you with a liking of Singer/Songwriters.


Stuart A Staples - Lucky Dog Recordings 03-04 (Beggars Banquet)
Tindersticks front man Stuart’s solo album is even more lo-fi and stripped down than his normal material but its simplicity is all the more endearing. Its very homemade feel seems to suit his distinctive voice. These are songs that Tom Waits would die for and the inclusion of the excellent single Say Something Now makes it worth the entry price alone. Other highlights include the brooding Marseilles Sunshine, the slightly chaotic Shame On You and She Don’t Have to Be Good to Me which sounds like it was lifted straight from a Tindersticks album. Vic Reeves pub singer would be impressed.

Malcolm Middleton - Into The Woods (Chemikal Underground)
Not for the faint hearted or easily offended, Arab Straps guitarist Malcolm second solo album is a cracking introduction into Glaswegian accents and swearing as you could ever wish for. Full of dry wit, bitter and twisted thoughts, black observation and lots of profanity. Opener Break My Heart has the lines “I’d rather have you than sing these shit songs, I’ll flog my guitar and drink myself to death” sheer brilliance. Somehow don’t think that the upbeat synth number A Happy Medium will be used by the Samaritans with self-deprecating lyrics of “Woke up again today, realised I hate myself, my face is a disease”. Or how about Burst Noel as next years Christmas number one with lyrics “Last year I got knifes for Xmas, stayed at home and no-one missed us, laying on the bathroom floor don’t want to ho-ho-ho no more!” Also including our single of the month for June Loneliness Shines, this would easily have been album of the month had the Editors CD not come out in July...

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