Jan 07



Various Artists - Counter Culture 1976 (Rough Trade)
Issued to tie in with the annual release of favourite tracks for 2006 selected by staff at the hippest record shop in the world, London’s Rough Trade and the shops 30th anniversary. Its a brilliant selection of well known punk singles by The Saints, Damned and Ramones mixed with underground cuts from Ivor Cutler, Dennis Brown, The Residents and Flamin’ Groovies. Reminiscent of listening to John Peel at the time. Why Candi Statons hit Young Hearts is included is not entirely clear!.



Neko Case - Austin City Limits (New West)
The first live release of Neko dates back to August 2003 and while ably demonstrating how effective she is live, the recording lacks that spark that all good live albums should contain. Undoubtably close to listening to the original record and with superb backing by the equally brilliant (yet uncredited) Kelly Hogan, it makes you wonder why they didn’t just issue a compilation of studio tracks?


Various Artists - Counter Culture 2006 (Rough Trade)
This years installment of the now annual pick list of best tracks by Rough Trade staff is indeed a tale of two discs. Running to 46 tracks it is excellent value but I really can’t see how some of the entries can be highlights rather than just one-upmanship on obscurity between record shop workers. Top tracks from Treecreeper, Peter, Bjorn & John; Gossip; Bromhead Jacket (who sound like ATV!). Must do better next year chaps...


The View - Hats Off To The Buskers (Warners)
The hotly awaited debut album from Scotland’s The View looks likely to propel them into superstardom. The three singles Superstar Tradesman, Wasted Little DJs and latest Same Jeans (is it me or can I hear Brimful of Asha?!) are obvious highlights but its pleasant enough melodic pop/rock sounding somewhere between Teenage Fanclub and Oasis. Nowhere near as well accomplished as The Fratellis debut, but these boys are much younger and have plenty of time to grow.  

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