Jan 06



Limpbeck - Let Me Come Home (Doghouse)
Second album from American country rockers Limpbeck shows their more poppy side with the album produced by Gary Louris of The Jayhawks who also has a co-writing credit on half of the 13 songs. Difficult to pick out any individual track as this is such a consistent collection of well crafted songs. A must for Jayhawks fans, anyone who wanted to like Tom Petty but couldn’t stand the southern drawl or if just you like well written guitar based songs. Nothing new or original here, its just so well executed and put together its hard not to like these upbeat country rock nuggets.



Various - Rough Trade Shops Counter Culture 05 (V2)
Every year the staff at London’s cutting edge Rough Trade Record shops compile a double CD of the years best and weirdest music. These invariably uncover lost gems that us mere mortals are unlikely to ever hear let alone own as these guys have an ear for the obscure and knack of obtaining ultra limited releases of bands before they make the big time. This years offering is like a CD version of a John Peel Show and with mainly indie guitar leanings. Highlights include The Spinto Band (who are also this months single of the month), The psychedelic Modlang, an oil-drum version of Gary Numan’s Cars and the hilarious Don’t by David Shrigley where he reads a list of things he has seen on warning signs - my favourite is “Don’t put your hand in a blender”! In addition to the new blood there are tracks by The Fall, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Franz Ferdinand and Boards of Canada but buy it for the surprise of the new. Worth a tenner of anyone’s money...


Various - For A Decade of Sin - 11 Years of Bloodshot Records (Bloodshot)
Alt.Country owes a huge debt to Chicagos Bloodshot label. Right from the start back in 1994 it supported the likes of Jon Langford’s stomping Waco Brothers, the bluegrass of Trailer Bride and those Canadian twanging  skinny boys The Sadies. Over the past eleven years they have been responsible for giving a leg up to Ryan Adams (his classic Heartbreaker album was recorded for them), Neko Case (Twist The Knife was No 1 in John Peels Festive 50) and become home to Mekon Sally Timms. This album celebrates the current roster with exclusive tracks over 2 CDs by the likes of Deadstring Brothers, Nora O’Connor, Kelly Hogan, Graham Parker (yes, him of the Rumour), Paul Burch as well as non-label friends such as the My Morning Jacket, Handsome Family, 16 Horsepower and Puerto Muerto. Excellent value as you get 42 top tracks well packaged for around a tenner. If you can’t get it in a shop near you, try : www.bloodshotrecords.com 

The Boy Least Likely To - The Best Party Ever (Too Young To Die)
Bought this album on the strength of the track Paper Cuts on the Rough Trade Compilation above. While its definitely the best track the rest are pretty damn fine too. The whole collection  is as twee as shopping trolley full of Sarah Records CDs and despite sounding like a lo-fi Belle and Sebastian, it somehow works. Good songs, well played on acoustic guitars, glockenspiels, banjos and  recorders. Not everyone’s cup of Horlicks but if you liked the Field Mice, the first two Primal Scream singles on Creation Records or any early 80s Indie music, this could push your buttons. 

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