Jan 06



Forward Russia! - 12 (Dance to The Radio)
With each song numbered as they are been written, Forward Russia get to 12 for their second single - seems they may be numerically challenged! That aside the single is a shouty, choppy guitar masterpiece in the vain of Futureheads or early Gang of Four. Sure to be a student indie disco smash and a very nice way to spend 2 minutes and 13 seconds. 


The Spinto Band - Mountains (Alex The Great)
Wow! This is pure gold. Close nasal harmonies, jangly guitars, weird vibes and a good tune! Americans The Spinto Band sound very reminiscent of a poppy Television. This is on a tiny label but they will be huge if they sign to a major. Arctic Monkeys never sounded this good! The B Side is even better than the A Side both of which clock out after just over 2 minutes! You even get a pair of X Ray Specs to view the 3D Sleeve! Buy it now while you can.



British Sea Power - I Am A Cider Drinker/Wurzles - Remember Me (R. Trade)
One of the oddest pairings ever to be committed to vinyl sees BSP take on The Wurzles 1970s hit in a slow, downbeat fashion as if it was being played at Adge Cutlers funeral rather than celebrating the alcoholic apple juice!  The Wurzles make a bit of an effort and add extra om-pa-pa to their version of the BSP hit. I know who I’d pay to see given this as evidence - the Somerset Yokels beat the pretentious Brighton boys hands down. 

Sunshine Underground - Commercial Breakdown (City Rockers)
Something about this record sounds so forced it could be an identi-kit picture of how an indie guitar hit record should sound as perceived by fat cat record company bosses. There’s nothing really to like or dislike about it, its just there! A rant against the media while begging for attention really doesn’t cut it chaps. The B Side sounds like a bad Hard-Fi rip off. File under Britpop mark 2 category: Menswear. Avoid.  

The Chrimea - Lottery Winners on Acid (Warners)
Its been released a number of times before and I think it was in Peels Festive 50 years ago? Still a good trippy-indie song all the same. “Walking the streets like lottery winners on acid” is such a  good line it deserves to be a hit this time but won’t get played because of the drug reference! The B Side sounds like a British Bright Eyes for anyone that cares about that sort of thing...

The Harrisons - Wishing Well (Meolodic)
Trad upbeat guitar pop of the type by scousers The Coral. Obvious 60s influences ensure the song bounces along nicely but doesn’t really go anywhere. The B Side is more of the same. The sort of band you’d probably think were OK if they played your local pub - but you wouldn’t pay to get in.. 

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