Feb 07



Fionn Regan - Be Good or Be Gone(Live) (Bella Union)
Fionn’s End of History was our album of last year and here we have a 7” only of opening track Be Good or Be Gone played live in London. Every track on the album could be a single as far as we are concerned and hearing it played live only highlights how good he really is. Simple and understated but totally effective pop-folk at its best. He’ll be massive by the end of the year and this record will be worth a fortune on Ebay, but I won’t sell, oh no.....



Static Caravan All-Stars - Lost in the Edit (Static Caravan)
Definitely one of the weirdest records we’ve had for a while. Its a mix of various releases on the wonderfully eclectic Static Caravan label (home to Tunng and Pete Astor) in one long song. An ambient loop goes around with bits of electronic folk floating in and out. Kind of chill-out music using acoustic instruments. Very strange but kind of compelling at the same time. Probably works better late at night after a number of beers or strange cigarettes.  


Forwards Russia! - Don’t Be A Doctor (Dance to the Radio)
We said it had to happen and it did, Forward Russia finally gave up calling their songs after numbers but instead of our suggestion of using letters of the alphabet they go for proper song titles! Breaking the mold at making it nearly 3 times as long as their previous releases and clocking in at 7 minutes and 20 seconds, it had to be released as a 10” rather than one of their beloved 7” singles. It starts very quietly and builds to the usual chaos/noise we have come to know and love. Not sure the longer format really suits their approach of short, sharp, shocks - it really would be better at half the length, which was the point at which I lost interest...

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