Feb 06



Lone Pine - The Lockup Sesions Vol 1 (Sweet Life)
At long last South Wales finest export since coal and Brains beer finally get their debut CD onto the streets. The six tracks were recorded live in 12 hours in a lock-up in Newport (hence the title). Worth the entry price alone for Love is Everything but Somethin’ Musta Changed and Hold On are top British country rock gold too. Surely only a matter of time before a big fish swallows them up and takes them to the next level. Get one from www.lone-pine.co.uk while you can.



The Czars - Sorry I made You Cry (Bella Union)
A collection of B Sides and rarities filling the gap between 2004’s brilliant Goodbye album and the next studio album from The Czars fails to hit the mark. Maudling to the extreme and slower than a gangsters funeral procession it just plods and drags along for 50 minutes. Such a shame but they are a talented bunch and we’re sure the real studio album will be a corker...

Spinto Band - Nice and Nicely Done (Alex the Great)
This 7 piece from the US play a nice mix of classic 60s pop and new acoustica sounding a bit like a Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah without the annoying vocal style, Talking Heads or a US version of early XTC. Including the excellent Single Brown Boxes its B Side Mountains and the latest 45 Direct to Helmet. Its as quirky as your shy computer geek cousin and twice as endearing. 

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