Feb 06



Two Gallants - Les Cruces Jail (Saddle Creek)
This folk/blues/punk American duo are like a cross between White Stripes and Peter, Paul and Mary. Signed to the same label as Bright Eyes these chaps have an energy that reverberates from the record into your living room. Hard to ignore or dislike, it seems to be returning to my deck on its own free will now. They could be very big if the wind was in the right direction....



The Long Blondes - Separated By Motorways (Good & Evil)
Doctor, I think we may have found the missing link between P.J. Harvey and Elastica (possibly due to 3 of the Sheffield 5 piece being female). A little bit of chaos ala The Slits thrown into the blender  makes this single a highly enjoyable indie pop jaunt. Buy one while you can before they get signed by a major and spoil the fun.  

The Eighteenth Day of May - Cold Early Morning (Transistor)
Saw this 6 piece perform their alt.folk in Bristol last month (see TEDOM). The title track is lifted from their debut album with two tracks on the B Side. Excellent trad British acoustic folk music with a modern edge, if that’s your bag. Got the band to sign it and the black pen on my copy is none other than REMs Peter Buck from the same night - offers on a postcard...

The Go! Team - Ladyflash (Memphis Industries)
Is this third time lucky for the Brighton collective? First issued in 2004 its still a top piece of indie-dance crossover magic. The Kevin Shields (he of sonic noise merchants  My Bloody Valentine) remix on the B Side is totally and utterly pointless mind you...

Be Your Own Pet - Lets Get Sandy (XL)
Next to Napalm Death Threats famous short releases of white noise this must be one of the shortest singles ever released clocking in at 54 seconds! By the time the needle hit the groove and I’d at down to review it, it was over! Noisy, shouty female punk stuff (including a line about them “having holes in their socks” ?!) almost as wild as their live show (see BYOP) and none the worse for it either!  

Rumble Strips - No Soul (Transgressive)
Imagine Tim Booth of James fronting Dexys Midnight Runners and you get what this lot sound like! The only surprise is that no one else has done it before. Still searching for the young soul rebels Kevin? They’re here mate and they’ve nicked your brass section! Expect a resurgence in bobble-hat sales any day now! All together now “Oh Geno!” 

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