Dec 06



The Horrors - Count in Five’s (Loog)
Third single this year from The Horrors is another classic slice of Hammond organ-driven, 60s garage-rock. Ignore the hype and this is as exciting as new bands get. In a way I hope they implode before making an album and leave the legacy of three classic 7” only records as their epitaph. Blistering.



Mistys Big Adventure - Fashion Parade (Sundays Best)
 Three brilliant tracks on this limited 7” EP are worth 2 of anyones money. Fashion Parade includes Noddy Holder joining lead singer Gareth deriding all the lastest bands ripping off post-punk records, Crumpled Up Guy is a hilarious tale of being wrongly accused while The Kids are Radioactive describes the real effect of Phone-masts on the youth of today. Faultless and fun.


Victorian English Gentleman’s Club/You Say Part, We Say Die - Split single (Fantastic Plastic)
Only available on their tour as a limited 7” of 600 copies, Victorian English Gentleman’s Club get to have one side with a demo of shouty, Adam & The Ants-like song Pedestrian while the female fronted You Say Party We Say Die offering, Apocalypse Meow, is no less sedate with added cat noises, Purr-fect!.


Jeremey Warmsley - Dirty Blue Jeans (Transgressive)
Only available as a limited 7” of 500 copies in a denim sleeve with a pocket containing a DVD of 5 videos, Jeremy wins with the most novel marketing tool to end the year! The track was already our single of the month back in May when it was included in the 10” Other Peoples Secrets and its still a fantastic song but can only be record of the month once!


Fields - If You Fail, We Al Fail (Atlantic)
 The first two Fields singles Song For Fields and Brittlesticks were pretty much essential purchases this year then they go and sign for a major label and spoil the fun by issuing this dirge. Sounding like a Simple Minds B-Side circa 1983. Even a pair of remixes on the second 7” can save it, its totally dreadful! 

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