Dec 05



Ryan Adams - 29 (Lost Highway)
Third and unquestionably the best release of 2005 from Ryan celebrating his 29th year on the planet. More stripped down than the previous more traditional country albums, the songs are reminiscent of Adams at his best during the Heartbreaker period with Ethan Jones again adding his magic touch. If you think Ryan had lost his way with the raucous Rock n Roll album or gone too country with Jacksonville, 29 will bring you back to this extraordinary singer/songwriter. Genius.



Jon Langford & Richard Buckner - Sir Dark Invader vs The Fanglord (Fargo)
This album sees the  gathering of two of the biggest names in in Sally Timms Chicago apartment to collaborate. Wasn’t sure on first play it really worked but its a grower and on subsequent listens sounds better and better. Playing most of the instruments themselves with some top mandolin added by John Rice. Stand out track is Langfords Torn Apart.

Chris Mills - the Wall to Wall Sessions (Circus 65)
Recorded live onto two track tape with 20 piece orchestra this is Chris Mills’ homemade opus. Part brass band part string section, the arrangements fill out Chris well written songs giving them a new edge. Like a country version of Dexys Midnight Runners these chaps could easily give Jools Holland and his Big band with their lame cover versions a run for their money!!. Living the Dream and Dancing on the Head of a Pin are classics. One day Chris Mills will get the recognition he deserves for being brave enough to put together a record as adventurous and different as this.

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