Dec 05



Go Betweens - Finding You (Lo Max)
Every track on the Oceans Apart album is a corker and this is no exception. Released as a 7” only  with two further unreleased tracks including a collaboration with Future Pilot AKA. Finding You sees Grant McLennan get another chance at being the front man of the most under rated band in the world...ever! We loved them when we saw them in Brum in May (See GoBetweens)  



Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - is This Love (Wichita)
Debut UK release by these US boys should whet the appetite for the issue of their album in the new year. If you can imagine early Talking Heads vocals from an unhinged David Byrne mixed with a bit of Arcade Fire you are on the way to how they sound. The B Side Heavy Metal is one of my favourite tracks from the LP. See our review of them at Cardiff Barfly last month (see CYHSY)

King Creosote - Bootprints (679)
It can only be a matter of time that maverick Scotsman Kenny Anderson’s prolific output gets him a well deserved hit. This isn’t far from chart fodder having been brassed up and a disco remixed from the magical KC Rules OK album. With lines like “We reek of garlic breath so we rush to brush our teeth in the bathroom and flush” how could he fail?! Beautifully packaged in an embossed envelope and sticker. 

Devendra Banhart - Heard Somebody Say (XL)
It had to happen I suppose, the Hippies are back! The lead track sees the weirdy beardies singing that “I heard somebody say that the war ended today but everyone knows its going still”. Sort of  Give Peace a Chance (but give me the money). Its the best track off their Cripple Crow album which mainly sounds like a collection of Marc Bolan outtakes.  As John Lydon said never trust a Hippie!

Heights - Long Way Home (Best Before)
This lot showed a lot of promise when they supported The Editors in Cardiff a few month back and this debut doesn’t disappoint. Reminiscent of the vocal delivery of fellow Welshmen the Manics fronting a sound not a million miles away from Kings of Leon. Long Way Home starts quietly and builds to a crashing end. Definitely one to watch next year...

Alterkicks - Oh Honey (Moshi Moshi)
Another top release from the rather splendid Moshi Moshi label. This is unadulterated pure guitar pop like an upbeat Maximo Park, complete with matching cute northern accents! The B Side Private Life has them go all acoustic and show their soft side. Better than most other indie bands I’ve heard this year. 

Broken Social Scene - Libi Dreams of Pavement (City Slang)
This is the only record to ever have given me a headache on first listen! Its been highly (over)rated by the music press and sounds a complete mess. They desperately want to be Arcade Fire but sound more like the local Boy Scout brass band on acid. Avoid or take asprin first!

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