Aug 07



Blance - Little Amber Bottles (Loose)
While their first album “If We Can’t Trust The Doctors” a few years back was an Americana curio, the latest full length offering strengthens the weird and wonderful world that Blanche inhabit. As if taken back to a dusty Southern town at the turn of the last century their bizarre tales of  life almost outdo The Handsome Family’s view on things. Worth investigating.



Grand Drive - Everyone (Loose)
It is nearly four years since the last Grand Drive album if you discount Danny’s great solo record and it shows as the band have grown up and mellowed. Much slicker and thoughtful than their previous albums, Danny and brother Julian take one song apiece throughout the album ala Forster & McLennan of The Go-Betweens. The songs are just as well crafted as before but lack the urgency of their predecessors. Talking in Your Sleep and Knives & Forks are highlights on this very mature country-pop CD.


Broken Family Band - Hello Love (Track & Field)
Broken Family Band seem to have been around forever yet still make every record as interesting as the last. This latest offering is their Love album following on from last years Balls (naturally!). Cambridge Americana is never going to set the charts alight but lead singer Steven Adams’ tongue is so firmly embedded in his cheek that there is a serious danger of them getting exposure if the doesn’t watch out! The stories inside Don’t Change Your Mind, You Get Me and Give & Take make you smile and sad at the same time. Intellectual Country anyone? 


Mekons - Natural (Quarterstick)
This must be The Mekons 30th or so album in as many years. This time around they decamped to the English countryside and produced a much more laid-back affair than their other releases. In danger of becoming competent musicians over such a period of time since their beginnings as  DIY Punk Rockers and using mainly acoustic instruments, there are moments where this collection could be described as Nu-Folk! Sally Timms vocal on The Hope and The Anchor and the neo-reggae Jonboy led Cockermouth are highlights.   

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