April 05

Trashcan Sinatras - Fez (Acoustic in NYC) (Bobame Recordings)
Saw these guys live in January and they were amazing. Virtually unnoticed for 15 years but still writing some of the most sublime and beautiful songs heard in these parts. The live album has the band in a small New York club (Fez) with acoustic guitars and percussion replacing electric guitars and drums. Featuring a number of tracks from last years lost classic Weightlifting as well as a smattering from their three previous albums. Francis voice sounds stronger then ever and with songs  such as How Do I Apply, Only Tongue Can Tell and The Safecracker its worth every penny of the 10 we paid. Import one yourself from the USA via their website or buy one when they tour in June. Total class.


Hot Hot Heat - Elevator (Sire)
Second album from these Canadian chaps who sound like they’re from Camden rather than Vancouver! Lots of choppy guitar in the style of Andy Gill from the Gang of Four and spirited vocals make this a very listenable indie record. Highlights Goodnight Goodnight and Middle of Nowhere should make good singles and may get this album into Tesco’s yet. The running order is printed in reverse on the sleeve and then track 13 is not listed - are they superstitious or what?!


The Go-Betweens - Oceans Apart (Lo-Max)
Is it really 26 years since they recorded the gem that is I Love Lee Remmick in Oz?! The now familiar pattern of McLennan/Forster having one track each flows throughout these 10 songs. The witty, intelligent lyrics this time include the line “Why do people who like Dostoevsky, look like Dostoevsky” - brlliant. While the tunes themselves are extremely simple and clever, beyond the catchy lead track Here Comes a City they are unlikely to entice new fans but will undoubtedly keep the legions of faithful followers happy until the next time. Like an antidote to the current rash of stab-stab guitar bands, this is a grown up album for the more discerning listener. Get it early for the special edition with a live 6 track CD which includes early singles Bye Bye Pride & People Say plus a video directed by the legendary Rocky Erickson (of 60s psychedelic kings The 13th Floor Elevators). We’ll be seeing them in Brum next month - watch this space!

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