Apr 07



The Winter Kids - Memoirs (Self Released)
Bought this pre-release full length album off their Myspace site after hearing the terrific single Tape It. This is pure English guitar pop at its best. Totally innocent and fresh but brilliantly aware of pop sensibilities. A bit like how the Buzzcocks may have been if they had a female member on board in the early days as the boy/girl vocal adds a nice dimension to these 3 minute epics. If a major doesn’t sign them and knock the smug grins off the predictable and dreary Kaiser Chiefs faces there is no justice in the world! Already massive in Japan, The Winter Kids are Poptastic and should  rule the 2007 charts! You heard it here first.



The Foals - Live in London (Transgressive)
Another mail-order only record and this time on vinyl! The Foals live sound as if they are having a good time and the music is nice nice enough but the jangly indie guitar to a dance beat was done to death 20 years ago by A Certain Ratio and countless Factory label bands in the lead up to rave in 1988. Maybe its a sign of things to come but it does seem like a lot of current bands are revisiting the mid-80s period and stealing rather than taking things forwards at the moment...


Aliens - Astronomy for Dogs (EMI)
 First album by three ex-Beta Band members sees them soak up 60s influences which they wear not only on their sleeves but coats, trousers and shoes! First track Setting Sun is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix doing All Along Watchtower while others sound very Beatles, Doors or Spirit-like. When not turning back the clock 40 years they sound like a continuation of the Beta Band which is no bad thing for such an underrated act.. While there is plenty of derivatives, its an interesting melting pot which draws the listener in. As Alice said -  curiouser and curiouser..

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