Apr 07



iLiKETRAiNS - Spencer Perceval (Beggars Banquet)
The Leeds doom merchants strike again with one of the longest brooding single tracks ever recorded at nearly 10 minutes. Like all the slow Joy Division tracks melted into one downbeat yet uplifting song somehow it works. This time the history lesson documents the only assassination of a British PM on its A while the B side tells the story from the perspective of  Spencer Perceval’s murderer. Limited to 2000 copies and totally original. 



Bricolage - Looting Takes the Waiting Out of Wanting (Fantasic Plastic)
The 1980’s revival continues with Bricolage taking on the role of Orange Juice and the whole Postcard Records sound of the period. Their first single Footsteps was a fantastic slice of jangly guitar pop and this, their second single, is just as interesting even with the vocal a little more in the style of Marc Bolan than Edwyn Collins this time around.


Rumble Strips - Alarm Clock (Island)
Upbeat brass led tune from the West country Dexy’s wannabes sees them mix Geno with Boo Radleys Wake Up Boo to good effect. The promo version we picked up is the first time we’ve ever seen a 5” DVD  with 5 videos on one side and a vinyl side with the main song on! That’s got to be a unique combination and Ebay beckons! 


The Twang - Wide Awake (B Unique)
The most hyped band of recent weeks just sound like a poor mans U2 mixed in with late period Genesis. A band called Hurrah! in the 1980s on Kitchenware did it better by miles but never made the dizzy heights of Bono and his boys.. They’ll be massive but shit floats too.

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